Call for Main Track Papers

The ICCBR 2019 Organizers, Advisory Committee, and Program Committee invite submissions of original theoretical research, applied research and deployed application papers on all aspects of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). ICCBR is the premier, annual meeting of the CBR community and the leading international conference on this topic. The CBR community welcomes contributions from experts and students in related fields representing all types of affiliations (e.g., academic, industry, government).

Topics of Interest

We welcome submissions from all areas of case-based reasoning, including (but not limited to):

Foundations of Case-Based Reasoning

  • Case representation
  • Case retrieval, indexing, and similarity measures
  • Case reuse, adaptation, revision, and combination
  • Case authoring, elicitation, and visualization
  • Analogical reasoning
  • Confidence and uncertainty
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Context models and preferences
  • Conversational CBR, user modeling, and personalization
  • Distributed CBR
  • Evaluation, simulation, and prediction
  • Explanations
  • Maintenance, post-mortem analysis, and quality assessment

CBR tasks

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Social CBR
  • Textual CBR
  • Recommender systems
  • Temporal reasoning (e.g., reasoning with traces, time series)
  • Workflow management and process-oriented CBR

CBR and related fields

  • Analogical reasoning, cognitive models, and creative reasoning
  • Cloud CBR
  • Data mining and big data
  • Intelligent agents, perception, and action
  • Machine learning (e.g., deep, instance-based/lazy, relational)
  • Natural language processing and information retrieval
  • Robotics and human-robot interaction
  • Web CBR

CBR systems, applications and lessons learned

  • CBR architectures and development frameworks
  • Cooking
  • Diagnosis, technical support
  • E-science
  • Economics, finance
  • Education, learning
  • Energy, logistics, traffic
  • Finance
  • Game AI
  • Knowledge and experience management
  • Medicine, health
  • Science, engineering

Review Criteria

Each submission must be identified as presenting theoretical/methodological research, applied research, or a deployed application and will be reviewed using criteria appropriate to its category. The criteria are as follows:

  • Theoretical research: Scientific significance, originality, technical quality, and clarity
  • Applied research: Significance for theoretical research or application deployment; originality; technical quality; and clarity
  • Deployed application: Demonstrated practical significance; originality; treatment of issues of engineering, management, and user acceptance; and clarity.
  • Papers will be considered for poster and oral presentation based on the reviews.


All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series. All authors must format their papers according to Springer’s LNCS formatting guidelines.

Submission Procedure

Authors must submit a full paper by the conference paper submission deadline, formatted according to the Springer LNCS formatting guidelines (Link). Papers (submitted and final) will be no longer than 15 pages, including references. Please submit papers using the EasyChair conference management system, found at:

Multiple Submission Policy

Papers submitted to other conferences must state this fact as a footnote on page 1, and please also notify the program co-chairs by email. If a paper will appear in another conference or journal, it must be withdrawn from ICCBR 2019. This restriction does not apply to papers submitted to specialized workshops without archival proceedings.

Author Registration Policy

In order for a paper to appear in the proceedings, at least one of the authors must register for the conference by the camera-ready copy deadline.