Here you will find the presentations of ICCBR 2019 invited talks, main track, posters, and workshops.

This list will be updated when we get more presentations.

Invited talks:

Main track:

  • Slides for paper 7 – Predicting and Explaining Grass Growth for Sustainable Dairy Farming by Eoin M. Kenny, Elodie Ruelle, Anne Geoghegan, Laurence Shallo, Micháel O’Leary, Michael O’Donovan, and Mark T. Keane
  • Slides for paper 29 – Semantic Textual Similarity Measures for Case-based Retrieval of Argument Graphs by Mirko Lenz, Stefan Ollinger, Premtim Sahitaj, and Ralph Bergmann
  • Slides for paper 38 – Learning Workflow Embeddings to Improve the Performance of Similarity-Based Retrieval for POCBR by Patrick Klein, Lukas Malburg, and Ralph Bergmann


  • Slides for paper 23 – Determining Weights for Global Similarity Functions by Amar Jaiswal and Kerstin Bach
  • Slides for paper 28 – Adaptation of Scientific Workflows by Means of Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning by Christian Zeyen, Lukas Malburg, and Ralph Bergmann
  • Slides for Cake Demo by Ralph Bergmann, Lisa Grumbach, Lukas Malburg, and Christian Zeyen
  • Slides for paper 33 – Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are: Recommending Products Based on Hidden Evidence by Anbarasu Sekar and Sutanu Chakraborti


  • Slides for DC presentation – Case-Base Maintenance Beyond Case Deletion by Brian Schack
  • Slides for DC presentation – Exploiting the interplay among products for efficient product recommendations by Anbarasu Sekar
  • Slides for workshop paper 58 – Hypothyroid Disease Diagnosis with Causal Explanation using Case-based Reasoning and Domain-specific Ontology by Mir Riyanul Islam, Shaibal Barua, Shahina Begum, and Mobyen Uddin Ahmed