Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning

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The proposed workshop follows a successful previous series and a general increase of research in this area as evidenced by submissions to the main conference, as well as in other workshops and the CCC where applications of Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning (PO-CBR) have been presented and discussed.
The motivation for this workshop is to encourage the exchange of information and ideas about PO-CBR and its application to process workflows and Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow Management, and other means of technical support for procedural knowledge in different application areas like business processes, software processes, planning processes, or search processes.
The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of trends, research issues, and practical experiences on the role of CBR in process support. For this purpose, the workshop is intended to have structure of activities that helps exchange of ideas and interaction, suited to highlight the main bottlenecks and challenges, as well as the more promising research lines, for applying CBR to this specific topis. To this end, the agenda will include a panel and a demo session (see below).
To summarize, the main goals of this workshop are to:
1. Provide a medium of exchange for information in CBR for Processes and Workflows research
2. Provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate some CBR prototypes in the field, and hence to illustrate some of the challenges and issues they faced.


  • Methodological Issues:
    • Case-based representation of process knowledge (by workflows, traces, plans, etc.)
    • Case-based retrieval for process optimization
    • Similarity measures for process optimization
    • Experience reuse in PO-CBR
    • Case-based adaptation for process optimization
    • Extraction of process knowledge
    • Visualization and explanation of process knowledge
    • Explanation of reasoning knowledge
    • Cross-process knowledge reuse
    • Maintenance of business process knowledge
    • process-oriented transfer learning
  • Applications, systems, and tools:
    • PO-CBR applications in Business Process Management, Software Processes, E-Science, Web Science, E-Governance, E-Health, product development, search, games, cooking, and further application domains
    • Evaluating CBR tools for PO-CBR
    • Agile workflow technology with CBR components
    • CBR in (commercial) workflow management tools
  • Lessons learned in PO-CBR investigations
  • Challenge tasks for CBR systems in the context of business processes, software processes, planning processes, search processes, monitoring processes, and decision support processes

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