Workshop on CBR in the Health Science

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This workshop will be the eleventh in a series of highly productive workshops on CBR in the Health Sciences (CBR-HS). Previous CBR-HS workshops were held in Trondheim (ICCBR-03), Madrid (ECCBR-04), Chicago (ICCBR-05), Öludeniz/Fethiye (ECCBR-06), Belfast (ICCBR-07), Trier (ECCBR-08), Seattle (ICCBR-09), Lyon (ICCBR-12), Saratoga Springs (ICCBR-13), and Frankfurt (ICCBR-15). The goals of this workshop are to:

  • provide a forum for identifiying impoertant contributions and opportunities for research on the application of CBR to the health science,
  • promote the systematic study of how to apply CBR to the health sciences, and
  • showcase applications of CBR in the health sciences.

This workshop should be of interest to anyone working in CBR in medicine, in bioinformatics applications, or on providing technological assistance to enable independent, healthful living for those with physical limitations or chronic health concerns. Moreover, people who are interested in CBR methodological issues, and wish to evaluate the possibility of applying their research to this particular domain, could attend the workshop. Participants of the previous workshops on CBR in the Health Sciences are targeted audience, and we also hope to draw in additional participants. We aim to educate CBR researchers who are new to the health sciences domain about its problems and promises, while providing experienced researchers th opportunitx for peer contact, discussion and feedback.


  • Analogical reasoning in health sciences
  • Integration of CBR in health care environments
  • CBR in medical decision-support systems
  • CBR in medial imaging
  • CBR and bio signals
  • CBR in enabling technologies for those with physical disabilities or chronic health problems
  • CBR and knowledge discovery in medicine and the health sciences
  • Cognitive approaches to applying CBR to medicine
  • Theoretical frameworks for CBR in medical reasoning
  • CBR in bioinformatics
  • CBR and evidence-based medicine
  • CBR in health social networks
  • CBR in mHealth, eHealth, and wearable health
  • CBR and personalized medicine
  • CBR for health and wellness

Isabelle Bichindaritz
State University of New York
Oswege Oswego
NY, 13126
Phone: +1 315 312 2683

Stefania Montani
University of Piemonte Orientale
I-15100 Alessandria
Phone: +30 0131 360158